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‘Oncofertility’ involves professionals in a number of fields of expertise (oncology, reproductive medicine and law), whom assist patients by preserving their fertility prior to treatment and thereby ensuring fertility options for cancer survivors.

As medicine and science progress, so do options for patients undergoing cancer and other diseases treatments, to preserve their fertility. Today, young adult survivors are looking forward to a future of long term survival due to improved treatments. However, many of the therapies that have so effectively helped increase survival have side effects that may cause the loss of fertility. In women, certain therapies can cause ovarian damage or failure, early menopause, genetic damage to growing eggs and other reproductive problems. In men, treatments can cause damage to the testes, interfere with sperm production and cause genetic damage to sperm.

New reproductive technologies are providing possibilities for preserving fertility in survivors of cancer and other diseases, yet many patients are unaware of these options. In most cases, decisions relating to fertility preservation need to be made before treatment begins in order to ensure and guarantee fertility preservation.

How can Fertility Law help me?

Fertility Law, in conjunction with your oncologist and/or reproductive medicine specialist, will help you navigate any ethical and legal concerns that you might have. Fertility Law will assist you by drafting either a Gamete (Sperm/Egg) Disposition Declaration or Embryo Disposition Agreement, which will manage the legal barriers and requirements that are associated with fertility preservation.


Known Gamete Donation Agreements

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